Siobhán holds a bachelors degree in Athletic Therapy and Training, and is a Certified Athletic Therapist, or CAT, with ARTI Ireland. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Associating (NSCA).

As an athletic therapist, Siobhán is passionate about keep athletes as healthy and fit as possible. Specializing in sports injuries, she has spent two seasons working in the League of Ireland as Head of Medical with Bray Wanderers Academy teams, and also works in the Leinster Senior League. She understands from personal experience the devastating impact injury can have to a young athlete, and as such spends a lot of time focusing on injury prevention, and helping athletes recover to return healthier than they were before injury.

Knowing and understanding that physical conditioning plays a huge role in helping to prevent injuries, and in helping athletes reach their full physical potential, she pursued and completed her CSCS qualification with the NSCA, considered the world gold standard qualification in strength and conditioning.

Drawing on her own experiences competing at an national level, and the experiences of working in one of the top collegiate athletic programmes in the United States, she is determined to offer young Irish athletes the same opportunities their contemporaries are receiving abroad.