Welcome to CNS Academy

The Academy was set up to help players from all age groups to gain confidence in their ability to play football. Our coaches work with each player, from all ability levels, to improve their skills on the pitch. We want them to become comfortable with the ball in order to be able to receive, pass and move along the pitch with real skill. As our players develop their confidence, they are able to make better decisions to aid a fast execution. Most importantly, this new found ability gives them a a sense of self improvement with the game.

We invest a lot of time in our development programmes to improve our young player’s technical ability. We set objectives for each of our players to boost their confidence on the ball. In order to deliver the style of footballers that we want, it’s essential that we remove the fear of making mistakes and learn from them. By employing this strategy our players will adapt this new type of mentality. No longer will a mistake be something to fear it is simply part of our player’s development.

Our Academy is for children, boys & girls from all levels of ability to come and enjoy playing the sport they love, in a safe environment. Well it’s easy to throw the word out there, it ‘sounds’ good, it sounds like what parents want to hear but very few clubs, organisations truly understand the true meaning of creating a safe environment for young kids trying to enjoy playing their football!

We mean we have created a place where kids can come an enjoy the feeling of inclusion of being accepted for who they are and not what they can or can’t do. To be able to make mistakes without having any fear that it will cost them, that they won’t be good enough or make it!

A place for the kids enjoyment, not anybody else’s desires to win or be successful.

The Academy is for everyone, for players of all ages & ability levels. We work with football loving children who want to improve their game, right the way through to elite youth players

Our Academy is on Tuesday & Wednesday’s at 4pm – 5.30pm

To sign up all you have to do is get in touch or sign up online

“Developing the Player” is what we’re about.